19 November 2009

my point exactly.

Boards >> Screening Room >> Method - Shiny Suds

Boards >> Screening Room >> Method - Shiny Suds

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Boards >> Screening Room >> Method - Shiny Suds

Boards >> Screening Room >> Method - Shiny Suds

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25 October 2009

Are you lonley up there all by yourself?

Are you there?
Are you watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
They say you feel what I do
They say you're here every moment
Will you stay? Stay 'till the darkness leaves
Stay here with me
I know you're busy, I know I'm just one
But you might be the only one who sees me
Why is it so hard?
Why can't you just take me?
I don't have much to go
Before I fade completely
Can you feel how cold I am?
Do you cry as I do?
Are you lonely up there all by yourself?
How are you so strong?
What's it like to feel so free?
Your heart is really something
Your love, a complete mystery to me
Are you there watching me?
As I lie here on this floor
Are you there?
Are you watching me?

20 October 2009


19 October 2009

I wanna come home.

06 October 2009


This is a direct copy&paste from a brilliant craigslist posting.

Have you recently found yourself asking any of the following questions:

-Whose fixed-gear bicycle is that in my garage?
-Where do I keep misplacing the charger for my iPod Nano?
-Why are there vast amounts of food mysteriously not missing from my pantry and refrigerator each week?

Yes? Then chances are, you've got hipsters.

Hipster infestations have become commonplace in modern times. One day, life seems completely normal. The next, you've got an anorexic in a train-conductor hat scurrying across your kitchen in the middle of dinner. This, understandably, can be a pretty disconcerting sight.

Not to worry, though. While hipsters can really slaughter a nice mood, they are otherwise harmless and probably just as frightened of you as you are of them. Still, they are a nuisance, of course, and need to be treated as such.
Following are suggested measures to pinpoint the location of hipsters in your home, coax them out from their hiding places, and capture and return them to their natural habitats.

Hipsters prefer dank, dimly lit areas, should you have any in your abode.
These provide ideal quarters for them to set up makeshift darkrooms in which they can develop the countless photographs they've taken with their vintage cameras.
Usually, these are pictures of idled trains, abandoned bus depots, or of themselves (for their MySpace profiles).

You've located where your hipsters are camped out, now comes the hard part. Getting RID of them.

Hipsters are freakishly antisocial; some argue it is genetic. This trait becomes especially magnified in unfamiliar or non-hip environments. So, the last thing you want to do is alienate hipsters further from society than they've already alienated themselves.
Here are a few things you must understand before attempting to communicate with hipsters:
-Hipsters know more about music than you do.
-Hipsters know more about clothing than you do.
-Hipsters know more about Charles Bukowski than you do.
-Your sense of fashion is "fin" (bad).

Embracing these ideas as fact will not put you on the same level as hipsters, that would be ridiculous, but it will let the hipster know that you are keeping it real, which they can respect, sort of.

With that, you'll want to open the dialogue on a fairly benign topic so as not to indicate that you mean the hipsters harm, or that you are in fact a poseur.
Here are some suggestions:
-That deck [good] Conor Oberst is signing autographs at Amoeba Records today.
-Check out my new tattoo! (Or new fixed-gear bike.)
-Anyone for a really small slice of vegan soy pizza?�

Hipsters have usually attended a liberal-arts college for at least two years, however, and are thus extremely smart and often won't take the verbal bait. In this situation, you must be cruel to be kind and exploit the hipster's Achilles heel: music.

There are two approaches to smoking them out musically:
1.)Play non-hip music, and play it very loudly. Remember, hipsters all have iPod Nanos, so it's going to have to be extremely ear-shattering to overpower the sonic armor of Death Cab for Cutie.
Recommended selections include: Anything by Kenny Rogers or Green Day, or Radiohead's Hail to the Thief (hipsters generally agree that this is when Radiohead sold out). Really, any popular, major-label artist will do the trick.

2.)Play music they enjoy, such as Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!, the National, or Monorchid. These recordings may prove a bit harder to find, however, so there's always the "the" band theory: the Strokes, the Faint, the Hives, the Killers, the Vines, the Bravery, etc. are usually considered "deck" (good) by hipsters, despite their popular major-label status. (Note: the "The", however, will NOT work using approach number two. See approach number one.)
When it comes to "The" bands, you might ask: Well, which one? Don't hipsters like one better than the others? Trust us when we tell you that it isn't going to make the slightest difference.

Hopefully by now, you've got the hipsters out in the open. Maybe they're sitting in your living room brooding, or writing in a journal, or looking uncomfortable and ostracized. This is totally normal, and means you've done everything by the book thus far.

Yet at this stage you will likely encounter the following critical conundrum: When removing hipsters from your home, your paternal instinct may kick in at the sight of their waif-like appearances, and you will feel obligated to nourish them. Do not attempt to do this.

In the first place, it is highly unlikely you have hipster food. Kraft macaroni and cheese or microwaveable Bagel Bites will only make them angry. (Though it completely defies logic, hipsters also know more about food than you do.) Hamburger Helper is a grave insult to hipsters and will undoubtedly evoke a derisive response along such lines as, "Do you have any idea what's in that stuff?!?" Obviously, no, you do not.

Moreover, it should be noted that hipster's eating cycles differ greatly from those of non-hipsters. As an example: What are the chances of you uncovering your hipster infestation on, say, the third Wednesday (or designated feeding day) of that particular month, and of having enough organic soy-based products in your fridge to feed them all? Admittedly, it would not require much. But, you have to agree, the odds are pretty slim.

The best thing for them, and for you, is to simply return hipsters to the habitat from which they came. And don't think you can just pile into the SUV and drive them there, they will spurn you for your wanton consumerism. Get that archaic road bike out from the garage, they'll probably buy it from you when all is said and done and cruise them around the local arts district to coffee shops and record stores until they are all given low-paying jobs based solely on their stylish appearances and morose demeanor. Hipsters are much happier when they are poor (although you'd never know this by looking at them).